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Information Leaflets & Healthy Living Advice

There are some great websites offering health information on the internet. I have listed some of what I feel are the most useful ones below. They are put together by different organisations ranging from the NHS to individual GP Practices or charitable organistations. You will see that they present the information in different ways and you may find that some are easier to understand than others. I originally planned on putting together a collection of information leaflets on our practice website. This ended up feeling like reinventing the wheel, so I have taken this easier option instead. I hope you find these useful. The way we treat specific conditions can change over time as more information comes to light from new research etc. Always discuss any concerns you have about your treatment with your GP. One of the best practice websites that I have found is the one by Well Close Square. There are some useful PILS (Patient information leaflets)

Best Treatments – Provides the best research evidence about the treatments for many medical conditions.

National electronic Library for Health Digital library of information – Aimed at health professionals but can be used by the public too.

Healthy Living Advice from Bandolier – a very user friendly site form Oxford University Press. Includes advice on loosing weight, starting to exercise, or changing behaviour.

Bandolier Knowledge library – information arranged into topics.